“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

You know how sometimes you feel like all your thoughts are connected, one thought leads to another and that thought leads to many more, and you won’t notice that unless you actually stop for a second and think of it!

How did I end up thinking of peace when I was actually thinking of goodbyes? I will tell you.

“I think we can all agree that saying goodbye is really hard and sad, we might have different reasons for why we don’t like it, to me it’s because I always think what if i never get to see that person or those people again, and it’s really heartbreaking.

I wish if my family could just settle in one country, our country, and not have to travel to the opposite side of the world, doesn’t matter if it’s for education or to earn a living.

If all the countries were in peace, no one would have to travel except for holidays, maybe business trips as well but you get the point right!, if other countries weren’t so selfish and hungry for power, everywhere would be safe, they don’t see how much damage they’re causing, those selfish humans.”

I wrote that on my notes on September 29, 2018 at 9:34pm, I was on my way home from the airport where me and dad dropped off my little brother who was travelling back to Malaysia, and because it was hard to see him leave, my brain automatically started thinking, what if my country was in peace?, what if my government cared for it’s people?, what if every country stopped seeing other countries as baits?.

No one wants to live far away from their loved ones, no one wants to feel nostalgic when they know that they can’t go back to their home, no one wants to see their loved ones on a phone screen only, no one wants to be an immigrant.

I am not talking about any specific country or a group of people here, I am just saying that it’s not the people’s fault, its not in their hands.

If only all countries were in peace.



The beautiful sun, comes out and shows it’s true colours, or it disappears and the colours fade, and sometimes it’s hidden behind the clouds.
Aren’t we just like the sun?
Somedays we are confident enough to come out and show our true and beautiful colours, and somedays we prefer to disappear. Somedays we try to show our beautiful colours but, the clouds hide them, whether it’s white clouds or grey clouds.
But the sun is still out during the day, that beautiful spark is out every day, our beautiful personalities are on every day but, sometimes the clouds hide them, clouds are our mixed dark emotions, and when the sun is gone, our beautiful bright colours are gone, then comes the moon, followed by the rest of the colours that we did not dare to bring out during the day, and all of a sudden we are more emotional, more open to deep conversations, more thoughtful, and more determined?
Maybe we don’t let those colours come out more often, maybe we shut them down and bottle them up because the colour blue just doesn’t want to deal with the colour grey. The thing is, we won’t feel relieved unless we express all of our colours but, in the right time, take control over the colour that wants to show and direct it in a good way. It’s ok to be white, yellow, green and grey, it’s ok to be any colour, but know the right time to show each colour, we don’t want to be like the clouds, and rain heavily when it’s full of water vapour, because overloaded emotions will harm us the most.